Nina is a fully qualified Professional Foot Health Care Specialist and also holds a Diploma in Health and Social Care. She is also a Specialist Natural Holistic Therapies Practitioner. She began her career in health care in 1988, initially working with animals in the Yorkshire Dales as a young trainee veterinary nurse, under the direction of Miss S.C Jubb, one of Britain’s first female qualified veterinarians. She later went on to work with vulnerable adults in the social care sector from 1996 to 2011.

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 she began to recognise the need for a holistic approach to ill health and therefore used her time during treatment and recovery to study and qualify in Advanced Aromatherapy and Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Natural Herbal and Aromatherapy product making among others. Believing that by gaining insight into the benefits of natural therapies she could be better able to aid her own recovery. This became the grounding of a natural holistic framework by which to live and to achieve optimum natural health and wellbeing. Following her recovery she began to apply these principles in both her personal life and in her professional holistic health care practice.

In 2016 Nina returned to live in the Scottish Highlands where she began once again to work with animals. During the period of her prior medical treatment she had had regular contact with horses as therapy but had been unable to ride, her long held aspiration to do so was finally realised on returning to live in the Highlands. This regular contact with horses helped her to reconnect with nature and with her own spiritual connection to it, further aiding her, physical, emotional and spiritual recovery processes after the negative impacts of ill health and the harsh effects of allopathic (mainstream/urban) medicinal treatments which she had undergone to treat them.

Having qualified in 6 different natural holistic therapies, Nina’s professional evolution had returned her full circle to the medical health care field, in the treatment of physical illness, she had now combined this practice with the principles of natural holistic medicine as a direct result of her own personal experiences of illness and treatment via mainstream medicine. Her newly acquired knowledge and skills in these natural therapies now enabled her to apply these skills in an alternative holistic approach to the health treatment of both humans and animals. Which could be applied as both a preventative and curative measure.

From 2001 to the present Nina has also worked in international politics in the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous (tribal) peoples at the United Nations, and other national and international bodies, and has presented numerous statements before the UN human Rights Council relating to this issue. As a result of many years of dedicated service in defence of the rights of indigenous peoples globally, in Nov 2011 she received the title of Dame from the indigenous Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia.

Through her many years of working alongside indigenous peoples she has gained a unique insight into their ancient cultures and spiritual practices and came to fully appreciate their holistic and sustainable world view, that all life is intrinsically linked/interconnected and thus interdependent.  This concept applied equally on the microcosm to the physical body and its wellbeing as to the macro world ‘writ large’ (Mother Earth) upon which we live and depend.

For almost 2 decades Nina worked tirelessly at the highest level in global politics to raise awareness of the need to recognise the holistic nature of our planet and all forms of life dependent upon her, actively working to defend and to protect it through her endeavours. Today Nina combines the knowledge which she has gained in this and other aspects of her work and applies it as a holistic health practitioner through the treatments provided at Toes Company, operating in the Highlands of Scotland, Oban, the gateway to the isles.

Nina holds a Diploma in Professional Specialist Non-Surgical Foot Care and is a BSY registered Non-Surgical Foot Care Specialist Practitioner.

Nina holds a Diploma in Health and Social Care (City and Guilds) - (2009)

She attained a Diploma in Professional Advanced Aromatherapy (2014) and is a BSY registered Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner

She holds a Professional Diploma in Indian Head Massage and is a BSY registered Indian Head Massage Practitioner.

She holds a Diploma in Aromatherapy Specialist Treatments and is a BSY registered Specialist Aromatherapy Practitioner.

She holds a BSY Professional Certificate of Merit in Holistic Aromatherapy Treatments and is a certified member  of the  Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.

She attained  a Diploma in Professional Advanced Reflexology (2014) and  is a BSY registered Advanced Reflexology Practitioner.

She holds a BSY nationally recognised externally validated qualification in Aromatherapy and Herbal Product Making

Dame Nina Ahmed Non-Surgical Foot Care Specialist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Indian Head Massage Practitioner,